[Forthcoming Release] To start off the new year, No. 19 Music puts forth an extended play, due in February, called “So Good” from Mexican DJ & producer, Louie Fresco. Moving the label forward from their incredible 2011 success may seem a bit challenging, but this EP certainly sets a strong pace for 2012 and hopefully provides a standard for what we can expect from No. 19 (and Louie Fresco) in the future. This EP is Louie’s first solo artist release and is also a prelude to his first long play album due out in 2012 as well.


Artist: Louie Fresco
Label: No. 19 Music
Release Date: February 2012

Track List:
1. So Good
2. So Good (Russ Yallop Remix)
3. Owl Night


Louie Fresco – So Good EP by No.19 Music