[Forthcoming Release] Children of a Lesser Dog (My Favorite Robot Records), the new EP from Lightbluemover, will be out on May 7th. Better known for their solo work as Adultnapper a.k.a. Francis Harris and Black Light Smoke a.k.a. Jordan Lieb,  Lightbluemover provides something a little “quirky” for this new release.

Heavily effected vocals, off kilter sound FX and skittering percussion weave together with a rich & warm bassline to create something truly unique.The original version is followed by a remix featuring the Canadian super pairing of My Favorite Robot, James Teej & Nitin who add length to the title of the record with their remix of a remix of a remix remix! Their version takes things down a dark and atmospheric route, adopting a squelching acid bassline and delivering an early hours floor filler that is a real gem. (soundcloud.com)

‘Bitter Bee’, the B side to Lesser Dog, is a solid eight and half minute “electro-tinged cut” with an “intense feel”, rounding out the EP nicely.


Artist Name: Lightbluemover
Title: Children of a Lesser Dog
Label: My Favorite Robot
Catalog Number: MFR052
Release Date: May 07, 2012