[Forthcoming Release] Hot Creations realize how important the summer is, and just in time to heat things up they bring us Point of View EP produced by the up and coming HNQO.  The Brazilian born artists calls to the likes of Effluence who adds her own sultry vocals to this stellar release.

The title track so delightfully captures the modern sound of today’s house music.  With its deep and enticing groove, swooping bass, and libidinous vocals, this jam arrives at a perfect moment for those long hot summer nights where you stay up dancing till the early morning.  The second track, ‘Pain n’ Love,’ is another summer anthem.  With its abysmal deep groove, provocative horns, profound bass line, and seductive vocals by Effluence, this is another jam that you will be hearing in constant rotation among many DJs.

Hot Creations continue to bring us top quality, cutting edge house music on a consistant basis. This latest release is just another testimony of the hold that Hot Creations has on the whole genre. Not only are they always releasing what’s hot and fresh, but they are also the ones setting the trends.  Any time a record is coming out on Hot Creations you know it’s gonna be exactly like the label namesake, a HOT CREATION!!!


Artist:  HNQO
Title:  Point of View
Label:  Hot Creations
CatalogNo.:  HOTC022
Release Date: 16 July 2012