[Forthcoming Release]  Over the years, Robbie Akbal’s label, Akbal Music, has proven that it is a staple in deep house and that it will continue to put out quality music.  This latest EP, Atonale, by Gwen Maze, with remixes from AfriloungeThe Midnight Perverts, and Special Case, is putting the label’s Playa Del Carmen home on the map.

This 5 track EP is no exception to the quality that Akbal Music is known for.  The title track ‘Atonale’ has popping bass, great inclusion of stabbing keys, and a sexy vocal sample — everything necessary for a classically house feel.  This one is sure to be heard on many dance floors.  The Midnight Perverts add their unique take on the track by adding a different melody, although they stick pretty strictly to the roots of the track. Remixes by Afrilounge and Special case really begin to change the feel of the original. Afrilounge gives it more spacey and techy feel, while Special Case brings their own darker version; their staple sound emerging yet again.  The final track, ‘Andromeda,’ another original track from Gwen, just goes on to prove the quality of this producer and the faith that Akbal has in its artists.  Overall, this is an outstanding EP and I anxiously await its release!

Artist: Gwen Maze
Label:  Akbal Music
Release Date: May 21