[Forthcoming Release]  If you are not aware of the powerhouse that is Dusky yet, get ready!!!  These London based artists may be better known for their progressive house and classic house sound but they have recently decided to join the deep and dark side.  Their forthcoming release Flo Jam EP on Dogmatik Records, due out in late May, is an amazing four track EP great for any mood or setting.

The title track ‘Flo Jam’ is just that…It’s the jam!  With an ominous melody and hard hitting bass line this one is sure to be on many top 10 lists.  ‘Every Day’ lightens it up a bit and has a nice soulful feel to it before going into a jacking rhythm.  The track ‘Mystics’ fits the name, with a dreamy, mystical feel continuing to lighten the middle of the EP. The final song, ‘Numerical,’ has a heavy rolling bass along with wicked delays and a sinister kick.  All these tracks are incredible and I can’t wait to grab this one!

Also, just recently Dusky did it again with their remix of the Hot Chip track ‘Night And Day.’ This is just another example of the talent that this duo has and the song was made an Essential Contender for Radio 1 by Pete Tong.


Artist:  Dusky
Label:  Dogmatik
Release Date:  Late May