[New Release]  So the wait for the anthem of the summer has finally ended and it is brought to us by none other than the masters of the Southern California summer themselves, Culprit, and the ever so talented Climbers.  Still glowing from their recent rise in popularity and from their latest release off Culprit, the Law of Attraction EP, it’s no wonder why Culprit brought these two fine gentleman back for another release.  If things couldn’t get any better than that, they get Miguel Campbell  and Fur Coat on board, both with wonderful remixes.

The title track ‘2 Come Back,’ or as some would call it, “2CB”, is the perfect embodiment of where this whole genre/style has come from, its present state, and where it’s going.  With a super deep, groovy, walking melodic bass line, exquisite use of vocals and drum pattens, and an overall funk that just hits you in your soul. This song has an overall “taking from the old, and giving into the new” feel to it. It let’s you know where you are going, but doesn’t let you forget where you came from.  Miguel Campbell’s remix is a kick-backed, slightly-stripped down version, adding his own flavor and style into this classic funked-out remix. With a luscious bass line, super boss melody, and maintaining many elements from the original, Miguel surely does the original justice.  While Miguel takes us back, Fur Coat pushes us in the other direction with their sinisterly futuristic remix.  Still taking elements from the past, but forcing us into a dark world that Fur Coat is known to take us to, we truly get an excellent late night, early morning jam that is just gonna set a party off.

Overall this record is yet another affirmation of the talent that these artists possess and that Culprit will continue to bring nothing but the best of the best when it comes to releases.  Always pushing forward, but never forgetting where we came from we can always count on quality releases from these guys and always look forward to more!


Artist:  Climbers
Title:  2 Come Back
Label:  Culprit
CatalogNo.:  CP026
Release Date:  30 July 2012