The couple from Rio de Janeiro are back and they are bringing more fire then a Brazilian steakhouse! Together Marian Flow and Zeo Guinle are Flow & Zeo, the powerhouse duo with over a decade behind the decks. With their latest release ‘Looking For’, inspiration was ‘motivated on Miami Bass music, style that influenced a lot of the Rio de Janeiro ghetto’s club scene’.  The Adana Twins have their hand at a remix that blends bright floating synths with a grinding dark background that somehow work beautifully together. Karina Zeviani, known for her work with Thievery Corporation, provides the perfect vocal match for the vocal edit. Karina asks ‘Did you find what you’re looking for?’ and the answer is a profound yes.


ARTIST: Flow & Zeo
RELEASE DATE: 2015-06-24
LABEL: Warung Recordings