Legendary label Champion Records celebrates the 25th anniversary of its classic house release Kristine W ‘Feel What You Want’ by enlisting the remix skills of Freejak, These Machines, King & Early, and Guz.

Released in 1994, the dark, hypnotic groove of Kristine W ‘Feel What You Want’ and Rollo’s sublime production made it an iconic house track which went to No.1 in the US Club Charts. 25 years’ later, Champion Records has given it a fresh lease of life.

Dutch house master Guz emphasises the hypnotic organ of the original whilst adding techier sounds, respecting the original which he also has fond memories of from hearing on the radio.

Early DJ and radio support for the Kristine W ‘Feel What You Want’ remixes includes from Danny Rampling, Graeme Park, Tough Love, ROOG, Melon Bomb, K-Klass, Tom Novy, Eric Morillo, Kryder, Après (KISS), and Majestic (KISS).




Artist: Kristin W, Guz
Title: Feel What You Want (Remixes)
Label: Champion Records
Release Date: 2019-11-01




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Senior Editor