AdMaiora Music’s next release comes from Federico Grazzini, an Italian who has played from Womb Tokyo to Cielo New York. He has released his big sounding techno and house on the likes of Sci+Tec and Defected.

The title track goes first and is a dark, percolating track with rubbery bass and infectious percussion. It’s a real groover to get the floor locked. Execute then picks up the pace with more slick and slippery drums and hammering hits that keep the vibes alive.

Up next, legendary tech house artist Christian Burkhardt remixes Deep Black Sky into a minimal, menacing and late night bit of freaky after-hours tech house. It’s perfectly seductive and mysterious and then G closes out a fine EP with an infamous Gorillaz sample thrown in for good measure!! An all-round excellent release.




Artist: Federico Grazzini, Christian Burkhardt
Title: Deep Black Sky
Label: AdMaiora Music
Release Date: 2019-04-01





– jams
Jimbo James