April 2013 marked the beginning of the London bred imprint Faceless Recordings, a collaboration between artists Climbers, Silky and Barber, with an absolute stunner  crafted by Climbers featuring Yasmine Azaiez.  After an inspiring Summer, the crew is ready to release their second EP, “Confession,” produced by Italian duo Moonwalk, aka Mauro Morabello Morabito & Dario Viziolil, featuring vocals by Ego with rework help from promising artists Balcazar & Sordo, Jon Charnis & Prab K and Metrika.

I absolutely love Morabito and Viziolil’s original mix which opens the EP on an upbeat note with a nu-disco feel, featuring Ego’s smooth voice that is sure to have the crowd joyfully singing along.  Next, No. 19 and Dirt Crew standouts Balcazar & Sordo add a sexy mystique to the original, whose dreamy remix is fully equipped for the dancefloor.  Innervisions, Supernature and No. 19 reps Jon Charnis and Prab K team up for their own dark and atmospherically spacey translation before Metrika immerses the sound through acidic notes into a raw, synth heavy abyss.

Take the journey and PURCHASE HERE lovers <3

Artist: Moonwalk ft Ego
Title: Confession EP
Label: Faceless Recordings
Release Date: September 11th, 2013
Catalog #: FR0012