Culturally inspired by the disco days of Bucharest, The Legendary 1979 Orchestra-otherwise known as Andrei Idu-takes us back in time with his forthcoming EP, Disco București on Amsterdam’s Legendary Sound Research. Sampling Romanian records from the 70s & 80s as the groundwork for his lively production, Idu honors his musical roots with four groovy tunes just in time for Summer’s bright presence.

“Tema Pian” (Piano Theme) lives up to its title, starting off the record with rich chords and cosmic shades that build the vintage textures of the package as “Raza de Soare” (Sunray) slows down and uplifts in choral delight.

The B side takes a more reflective tone, encompassing a deeper side of the story… “Spirala” (Spiral) flows like a dream, motivating creative obstacles before “Presiune” (Pressure) comes full circle, concluding with cosmic momentum, strong keys and harmonious chants.

Listen to the exceptional Disco București in its entirety before releasing on vinyl June 16th and digitally this July. Spread the <3

Artist: The Legendary 1979 Orchestra
Title: Disco București
Label: Legendary Sound Research
Release Date: June 16th [Vinyl] July 2014 [Digital]