Monday 12.01am: the doors open and thousands of excited UK clubbers re-enter nightclubs up and down the country, some for the first time ever.

“Freedom Day” rules came into force in the UK at midnight of July 18th allowing club owners to finally allow paying customers back through their doors after a tough 17 months, meaning groups of any size could meet again, social distancing was discontinued and masks became optional.

With queues around the block at venues such as EGG London, Fabric, and Fibre Bar in Leeds, revellers danced the night away for the first time creating an energy that many DJs can’t ever remember. Michael Kill, CEO of the Night Time Industries Assiciation said:

“It was extremely emotional to see clubs and venues reopen, with people dancing and listening to music into the early hours of this morning and sharing their passion for these experiences across social media, particularly how much they have missed them. Great to also hear from customers on how safe they feel in these spaces and understand how much the sector has worked hard to get to this point. As an industry, we have had to work extremely hard with limited time to deliver safe environments for our customers and staff.”