Elijah Simmons joins the Inside Out family with this outstanding EP, featuring three original cuts of forward thinking electronica. Dream Sequence is a sublime, atmospheric work, which opens with graceful pads and sampled French cinema vocals before gradually building into a triumphant, soaring masterpiece – the type of track that would sound utterly magical as the sun rises over the desert at Burning Man. Delphi delves into moodier territory, with wistful, brooding synths fading in and out of the darkness, while a scattering of edgy, agitated arpeggiator sounds add a dramatic edge to the story. Close to You neatly combines both ideas – opening with dreamy sounds which develop into glorious, New Age inspired soundscapes, while the bassline and drums keep an eye firmly on the dance floor.


Artist: Elijah Simmons
Title:  Delphi
Label:  Inside Out Records
Catalog No.:  IOR019