All Day I Dream is known for releasing ambient-leaning deep house tracks. Double Touch’s newest release on the label is everything we’d expect to hear from an ADID release and more. The emerging duo combines Aussie Talent Mark Olsen and classically trained pianist Van-Anh Nguyen. The EP, titled “Adagio,” pushes the limit on the additive of classical music in electronic music, but the result is beautiful and enticing.

The opening track is heavily influenced by Nguyen’s composition and serves a statement piece on the EP. The subsequent tracks are more of a blend of both genres but each unique in their own right. Baghdad takes inspiration from Balkan sounds, while Cape Cove and Piano Sines contrast each other; Cape Cove being more upbeat and Piano Sines being more sinister in its nature.

Double Touch is pushing the boundaries for what it means to produce music. Give the EP a listen HERE.