Cologne based producers Diaz & Parrée mark a return to Frequenza with their debut album ‘I Am’.

A project that has taken seven years to complete now stands proud as a stunning collection of dark and mysterious techno spanning eleven tracks that showcase the true versatility and maturity of the producers.

“At one point we tried to create something to get success and after a while we forgot what it really is about. It’s about music and having fun and not about success. With the production of the album we realised that we don’t need success to be happy, and that we don’t need to think about whether other people or big labels would like it. It’s about what we feel and what we like.

The album grounded us and gave us the feeling back, the feeling we had when we started to make music. It was like a therapy.”

‘I Am’ eases you in with the title track; an ambient cut of warped pads and gentle pulsating bass lines. ‘I Am Creativity’ offers up an almost breakbeat groove over twinkly top line melodies, rumbling low end synth and the introduction to a dark, growling vocal that is present throughout the entire journey.

‘I Am Vibration’ is where the tempo increases as tight percussion dominate the airwaves with ‘I Am Desire’ and ‘I Am Power’ following suit as peak time techno rollers. ‘I Am Success’ welcomes the acidic elements to the table, which are then heightened further in ‘I Am Efface’ as trippy pads fluctuate from left to right in disorientation fashion.

‘I Am Cognitation’ is carried by a repetitive Detroit lead line that rolls effortlessly across a bed over thumping rhythms, followed by ‘I Am Abundance’, a track that ups the energy yet again in a dark cloud of reverb soaked sounds.

‘I Am Free’ sees the return of calmer, broken beat grooves, locked around inviting swells of rich chords before ‘I Am Awareness’ closes the show in an eerie final production to leave you on the edge of your seat in ambient sweats.

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