The latest on MEXA sees the debut EP of Der Extraklasse, formed by two brazilian babes, Ke Fernandes aka Groove Delight and Thayana Valle. The gathering of classical elements in harmony with a contemporary touch gives birth to “Der Extraklasse”, a project originated from house music influences maintaining hypnotic atmospheres.

As hot and steamy as one could expect from two Brazilian beauties, the duo delivers with a sexy three track release for their debut EP. Kicking off with “Endless Road’ they draw you in with smooth sound waves and luring vocals enticing you to ” … love me, hold me”. While the first track is a groovy soulful smooth happy house beat, the girls take you for a dirtier dance beat with “Girl Thang”. A more bold booty bassline is drawn with darker synths, amplified with mysterious drops and highlighted with exotic congo drums & hypnotizing vocals to make it an instant favorite for a dance floor heater. Followed up by “Black Rose”, the Der Extraklasse keep that riding that dirty vibe with an even bolder heavier bassline. While the track hangs heavy, it’s carried by the beautiful light melody juxtaposing the darkness throughout making it heavy & heavenly all in one.

We are huge fans of MEXA at Mi4L and as always, in love with this latest. Impressive work from the girls for their first EP, will definitely be keeping an eye on these brazilian beauties for future releases.



Artist: Der Extraklasse
Title: Girl Thang
Label: MEXA Records
Release Date: November 18
Catalog: MEXA020


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– Minxxx // Michelle Samtoy