[Release] It’s hard playing favorites when there is so much blissful music blessing ours ears every single day … so when I do so boldy claim an artist or label as a favorite, you know it really means true LOVE. The relatively young but artistically advanced label Cream Couture has stolen my heart these past couple months with mindblowing after mindblowing release, so, it is no surprise that this release from Cream Couture head honcho himself Depaack became an instant favorite of mine. Expressing the same vibes on this release he exudes through the releases on his label, Depaack seriously wows with sinfully sublime deep and dark vibes. The title track ‘Eyes On Me’ is a dance floor heater with a hard hitting bassline, dreamy female vocals, rising synths, and foot stomping percussion. My favorite Gangsta House duo Amine Edge & DANCE take it for a trip … drawing out the vocals and slowing down the build up only to hit hard with a deeper bassline and harder vibes. Depaack amazes with another sublime original titled ‘Gotta Get That Girl’ that you just can’t help but bounce and dance to, with a happy bassline it’s sure to put a smile on your face. Fellow Cream Couture Family, and my latest obsession, Him_Self_Her slow down the intro a bit to build up to a delightful deep tech percussion laced foot stomping remix.


Overall, a great release for the French label Straight Music, a divinely deep production from Depaack, and amazing remixes from Him_Self_Her and Amine Edge & DANCE. Straight up gold baby. Jump in it …



Artist: Depaack
Title: Eyes On Me
Label: Straight Music
Release Date: January 11, 2013
Catalog:  STR024