Canadian based Demuir marks an inaugural release on Hot Creations with High. Alive. And Dirty., a diverse four track EP made up of all original records.

“This release represents a positive time in my life, along with the diversity of tracks that demonstrate artistry and not trends. Whether it’s the positive and soulful vibes of ‘High. Alive. And Dirty.’, calling out the obvious fakers in ‘Santa and The Elf’, or the raw native structure of ‘Rawness – Beat 3’. In ‘Eerbawdy Wants to Deeezsko’, there is a groove for everyone to rock with.” Demuir.

The EP opens with Santa and The Elf. A penetrating bassline ratchets up and down, as horn like synths whir occasionally in the background, alongside tassel-like hi-hats. Up next, the title track High. Alive. And Dirty. provides stunning contrast. A happy, funk-fuelled number, the track incorporates disco elements with “positive and soulful vibes”, before Rawness – Beat 3 features a “raw native structure”, bongo sounding drums and tropical vocals to from a well-rounded, feel-good record. Eerbawdy Wants to Deeezsko rounds off the EP in fine form, with more disco elements and chiming, emotional keys.

Canadian-based Demuir is a distinctive talent in the electronic music sphere. A prolific producer, Demuir has already made a home on labels including I’m A House Gangster as well as Cassy’s Kwench Records, whilst he is soon set to release on Loco Dice’s iconic Desolat imprint.

High. Alive. And Dirty. EP is out now, via Hot Creations.





– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Senior Editor