Life & Death begins 2014 with a stunning and varied package from German trio Dead Heat whose deep psychedelic roots bring an alternative, organic touch to the historically dark imprint.

Bosco starts slow with a unique, indie, vocal vibe whose delicate intricacies that are easy on the ears yet still eerily resonant.  Berghain resident Lucy lights the techno fire under Bosco’s flow keeping a hushed momentum and raw intensity that is completely transformative.

Second piece “The Dam” wins my affection with its spicy percussion, moody strings and mellow ambiance that plays like a breath of fresh air while The Field drowns it out in sustained highs for a subtle strength, drifting kindly to the conclusion.

Check out this vibrant music video produced for “The Dam,” and purchase the package HERE <3

Artist: Dead Heat, Lucy, The Field
Title: Bosco
Label: Life & Death
Release Date: January 27th, 2014
Catalogue #: LAD015