On January 11, Day Zero will rise once more and step into a new era. The mystical event founded by Damian Lazarys took a brief hiatus in 2018, only to emerge as an even better version of itself.

Four Tet, Visionquest co-founder Shaun Reeves, and Burning Man staples Mayan Warrior Soundsystem and DJ Three complete 2019’s roster, joining an already top collection of house and techno purveyors that includes Black Coffee, DJ Tennis, Bedouin, Satori, and more. On top of the rounded out lineup, another special addition awaits: a brand new stage. Fans will now get to choose between two distinctively curated spaces while inevitably falling deeper into the void of the festival’s numerous art installations and environments that adorn its home on the Dos Ojos Cenote grounds.

Day Zero is known by many as one of the top events of its kind, drawing curious travelers and underground dance connoisseurs together from around the world to the jungles of Tulum each year for a truly otherworldly musical experience.


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