You can always rely on Griffintown Records to come up with the goods. The no nonsense label is back with more big beats, this time from Daniel Orpi with talented artists Raffa FL and Paskal Daze on the remix. 

Cosmonaut is the opener and is a bobbling, firing house cut with steel plated drums and big synths. It the sort of tune that fires up any set and really makes an impact. Remixing it is Paskal Daze, who flips it into something razor sharp and driving, with raw hits and claps that will get you into a lather. Get High from Orpi then swings low, with naughty bobbling bass and teasing vocals that will pump the club.  Last of all is the most brutal and heavy of the lot – Raffa FL’s remix of Get High, which is all slamming drums, scraping his and barreling kicks. Its the end of a fine EP. 

Cosmonaut EP is out now! Buy it here: