Ok, really, does the Dance Spirit duo ever stop? Barely a few weeks off their last release on Deepen Sound, Dance Spirit is back on LA-based Superfreq. (Annnnd, they’re already back in the studio, live recording violin [click here for the Vine]…incredible). The release has been garnering some great support, and was even featured in John Digweed’s famous transitions podcast.

The new Future Romance EP features their signature ultra-deep, yet wonderfully melodic and psychedelic, sounds. Although they have continually lived up to their self-professed philosophy of “attaining subconscious harmony through rhythm, timbre, melody, and movement,” this latest work for Superfreq has really embodied those words.

The tracks are late-night delicacies, and although each traverses a somewhat different soundscape, they culminate harmoniously as one cohesive work.  I love when artists manage to do this – to create journey within an EP – since it is difficult to procure unity, and variance, in short time frames. Have a listen, enjoy the story, and purchase and support this awesome duo.


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Artist: Dance Spirt
Title: Future Romance
Label: Superfreq
Catalog No.: SFD006

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