DAMH is a new project from two familiar faces straight out of the ever-burgeoning neo-romantic dance underground.  Cologne staple, David Hasert, got together with none other than Michaela Dippel, aka ADA, for two blissed-out slices of melancholic, pop-infused house. Together with winning remixes by Hamburg mastermind DJ KOZE and purveyor of fine looping Matt Karmil, this is exactly the kind of emotionally invested club music we live and breathe. For some undisclosed reason, DAMH stands for “dog ate my homework”, but this could lead the unsuspecting listener up the garden path, as these cuts sound nothing like the sonic debris remaining after a household-centric accident involving overzealous pets. If anything, title track “Black Night” is a highly polished affair establishing a carefully gauged balance between its two vocalists – and it does so against the melodic backdrop of an affectionate ballad that nonetheless knows how to maintain its floor momentum. In the meantime, HANSI’s prominent opening sample harks back to Lawrence’s “Teaser”, a true classic from Kompakt’s earlier back catalogue, but draws a slightly different conclusion thanks to its expertly executed strings and magical arrangement. DJ KOZE backs up the package with his remix of BLACK NIGHT, where we see the iconic producer shifting gears for a subtly bouncing downbeat gem – followed by Matt Karmil’s finely filtered, hypnotic house revamp that once more proves this upcoming artist to be a major force in the growing field of philanthropic psychedelics.


Artist:  DAMH
Title:  Black Night
Label:  Kompakt
Catalog No.:  KOM298