[Release] Berlin, Berlin, Berlin … all day we dream of the techno mecca. The Berlin based label, My Best Friend, releases what is their third debut of San Diego locals Crowdkillers for a loaded EP of some techie tech house goodness. The opening track ‘Columbian Drip’, is a mighty mover, with moody organs, rising synths, smart breaks and certainly huge baselines. All this creates a deep but powerful production. ‘Lapdances’ is a bit of a favorite at the MBF office, they love the room filling bassline and the kinky vocals, good break downs, live drumming, and short delays which make the loose ends join in an effortless way. ‘Showers Afterhours’ begins with a bit of an understatement but when the bassline kicks in, it joins the tough beat in connection with an up tempo feel. ‘Sexy Jesus Pose’ kicks off with a loose conga rhythm, noisy industrial sound, and short staccato house bassline. ‘Stirred Not Shaken’ installs right from the beginning a paranoid rhythm leading to a monotone style of techno funk. The closing track ‘Miss Jones’ is a soulful take of theirs…a track brooding moody and sexy. If this EP is evident to what we can expect from these boys … we want more!



Overall this is an amazing solid hard-hitting release. We will definitely be keeping our eye on both Crowdkillers and My Best Friend to see what techie goodness they send our way in the future!




Artist: Crowdkillers
Title: Secret Pleasures
Label: My Best Friend
Release Date: October 15
Catalog: MBF12095