Cristoph x Artche – Illusions
Pryda Presents


Cristoph reunites with vocalist Artche for a third time on Eric Prydz’ iconic Pryda Presents label with a brand new single, Illusions. Teased in his sets as far back as two years ago, Cristoph’s dedicated fanbase have been patiently waiting for the full release of Illusions and like the pair’s previous collaborations on ‘The World You See’ and ‘Voice Of Silence’, it doesn’t disappoint. 

Euphoric synths and a driving low-end underpin Artche’s powerful, melancholy vocals which complement the impeccable production that is now synonymous with any Cristoph release. As an example of razor-sharp progressive house with a driving melodic backbone, Illusions is going to be another surefire success story for the Newcastle-based producer.  

As his output steps up a gear in line with the world’s dancefloors opening up, Illusions is a reminder that Cristoph is a master of his craft and in a continuation of his symbiotic relationship with Pryda Presents, is about to see the year out with one of his best works to date.