[Release] Akbal Music keeps coming through with some top-notch releases through the end of the year, this time around courtesy of label head, Cozzy D. Opal Fruits is a sweet mix of deep, jungley sounds with a little bit of tech thrown in to get the blood pumping.

Record opener, “Opal Fruits,” samples Ginuwine’s 90’s R&B hit “Pony,” but does it in a way that it takes a few listens to actually catch it, but once you do, there’s no escaping it. Mixed with a set of steel drums and and quick, snappy drums, the song has a beachside-at-night vibe. “Opal Fruits” is followed by a dark dub version of the song, moving it from the beach at night to an inner-city warehouse at some ungodly hour.

B-side “Get High” is another deep, dark song. Hypnotizing vocals keep the listener in a trance, helped along by a simple, monotonous drum beat. The FX spread throughout the song are what really give the song a strange, trance like feel. Nico Purman comes in for a much more upbeat, peak-hours, techy take on the song.

It’s always a pleasure to see new music coming out of Akbal and this solid EP from the main man himself is no exception.


Artist: Cozzy D
Title: Opal Fruits
Record Label: Akbal Music