[Release]  There is no denying the influence and integrity that No.19 Music has over modern dance music.  Paving their own way and setting new trends they so ingeniously sign up up and comer Clayton Steele who delivers with his latest release Passion.  Dark, deep, and twisted, this release has everything you would expect from a No.19 releases.  In addition to the two wonderful tracks off this release, there is a groovy DJ T remix which nicely wraps up this record.

‘Passion’ is a delightfully dark and alluring track with intriguing vocals, ominous keys, and a hypnotic bass line.  ‘Sleep Walker’ is another haunting track with ethereal vocals and a wicked rhythm.  Clayton’s unique vocals add a perfect touch to both tracks which make these instant hits that will continue to be around.  DJ T’s remix of ‘Passion’ is a perfect finish to this release with its techy and spaced out feel.  DJ T knows how to add just the right touches to any track to make it a dance hit and he does so once again.

No.19 Music knows exactly what they are doing and where they are going, and this release solidifies their place in dance music and showcases the talent that this rising star has.  Expect to be rocking out to these tracks for months to come.


Artist:  Clayton Steele
Title:  Passion
Label:  No.19 Music
Catalog No.:  NO19032

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