You can rely on Do Not Sleep to come up with the goods and now they do so again by enlisting a dream team pairing of Christian Burkhardt and Daniel Roth who serves up four great tracks and get remixed by Fabe.


Knopp is the opener and is a big speed tech cut with great drum programming and underlapping snares and vocals. It’s a driving tune to get you moving, then Banana Republic is more deep and elastic, with bendy drums and synths really getting you in a daze. Nose Noise is a more freaky tune with edgy synth modulations and detuned chords over gurgling bass. Last of the originals is the punch DEF, with rapped vocals and Gemini style vibes. The Fabe remix of Banan Republic is all about teasing you with sci-fi sounds, playful rhythm and wobbly bass. All in all this is a super classy EP.


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