Buckle up brothers and sisters, BOg is back on Monaberry and he’s taking us on a trip direct to the heart of the Sahara on a magic carpet made of crisp arpeggios and powered by barbed soul hurricane atmospheric. Balmy yet foreboding, stark, alluring and fundamentally mesmerising, ‘Shila’s comisicity is tailormade for another perfect Monaberry excursion.

As have the remixes… Human machine Pavi makes his debut on the label with a percussion primed hypnosis piece while Edu Imbernon (also popping his Monaberry cherry) adds a few more minutes to meter with the aid of a breath-taking harmonic texture that soars with more and more emotion and intensity as the track progresses.

For the fourth and final trip BOg calls up Argentinian kindred spirit Kintar and heads due south west to Tanzania for an even deeper, sense-blurring finale. Tense, tribal and peppered with warped synth textures and sudden plunges into dark bass abysses, our only light is another sinewy arpeggio that twists and turns under a sunrise of euphoric pads and tribe song. Do not unfasten your seatbelt until the song has fully finished.

Yet another unforgettable Monaberry mission that will enthral and stimulate long beyond the hot summer ahead. Safe travels.




Artist: BOg, Edu Imbernon, Pavi, Kintar
Title: Shila
Label: Monaberry
Release Date: 2018-07-27


– jams
Jimbo James