Prague’s melodic techno and deep house producer BLACKLOUD celebrates the release of his ‘Synesthesia’ EP via Wold Records.  The set of three stimulating original mixes from the burgeoning producer come as a warmly welcomed addition to his discography and set the tone of what to expect from him come 2021.

Conceptually derived from the psychological phenomenon synesthesia, where those affected experience a perceptual difference in the experience of the 5 senses, in his EP aptly aims to associate color with sound. Across the EP’s 3 cuts “Magenta”, “Teal” and “Anthracite” we see BLACKLOUD illustratively weave together compositions of melodic deep house and techno that evoke an imaginative chromatic response.

The first of the triplet, and an essential primary color in the printing process, “Magenta” was inspired by the essential organic sounds of BLACKLOUD’s studio: a cricket’s chirp, the chatter of a cat, and the collision of a coffee mug on his station’s surface.  

Absent of direct external inspiration, “Teal” was the color envisioned by BLACKLOUD when building the production from break-beat rhythms.  In likeness to the EP’s namesake, the resulting track evoked the experience of the bright blue derivative.

Driving in nature, the brooding hues of black and blue inspire the dark, atmospheric club-ready number “Anthracite”.  Structured with emotive chord progressions alongside sharp arpeggios, the track brings the EP to its conclusion with energy and intrigue.