Betoko is starting 2014 strong with a superb two-track EP for the feline-friendly Suara, his first for the imprint. Having outstanding outings already under his belt on Exploited, Get Physical, Diynamic, and his own Chilli Mint Records, surely his name is one you already endear.

Dance On My Feet is comprised of two catchy deep house cuts crafted to make you do just that. The title tune has enchantingly effervescent synths and a helluva hooky vocal that are primed to destroy the dancefloor. ‘U R My Sunshine’ is an entrancing reinvention of the classic children’s song, sublimely suited for those of us who suffer Peter Pan syndrome and scoff at the thought of ever growing up. It builds beautifully, leaving the listener yearning for their youth, until the bassline blasts off, sending all thoughts but to dance out the window. Buy your copy HERE!

Artist: Betoko

Title: Dance On My Feet EP
Label: Suara
Catalog #: Suara118