Artist: The Subs
Title: I Want To Dance Again
Record Label: The Subs
Release Date: 30th October 2020
1) I Want To Dance Again (Original Mix)
2) I Want To Dance Again (Radio Edit)
3) I Want To Dance Again (Instrumental)
The Subs come correct with a new single whose title we can absolutely all get behind. Once you hear the music too, you will be compelled to dance. I Want To Dance Again is an all out bit of electronic joy, with busy chords and bright pads, kinetic kicks and real energy all racing up to the cosmos. Add in a vocal that repeats the title and brings the soul, and you have a real recipe for success. It’s the Subs tribute to losing yourself on the dance floor, forgetting who you are and becoming who you want to be.
Dance and feel alive again with this irresistible standout single from The Subs.