Aron Estocolmo’s new EP on Girubu Music comes laden with cultural references and pays homage to the Ganges and Taj Mahal. Not your average subject matter, but not your average tunes. 

‘The Ganga River Unpolluted Once More’ is first and is an exotic tune with broad synth sweeps and indian instruments next to rolling drums. It is uplifting and expressive and will bring tropical flavours to any DJ set. The second track’s title comes from the words uttered by Nobel prize laureate Rabindranath Tagore when he first spotted the Taj Mahal. “A Teardrop On the Cheek of Eternity”, it has swollen drum sounds, trilling strings and sonorous chords that all ring out and full you with feelings. These are two special tracks that mark a fine debut indeed. 

In search of Moksha… Or something of the kind is out now! Stream it here: