It is time to descend into the techno basement with Destination from Ant Brooks — released on his own label, Groovant. The label is all about going hard in the techno underground. “Destination” will take you to that level where you want to just bang it out.

Each version of “Destination” separates itself with different layers. The original from Brooks echoes with alarming sounds that slam the room. It’s like a bomb exploded and a sudden rush for help!  Alberto Ruiz’s remix adds in a melodic rhythm that smoothly rides through the track. Felix Krocher’s revamp brings in a more atmospheric vibe, but doesn’t get too lost in the air because it still hits vigorously. The rework by Adriana Vega lightens up the driving percussion. Each of these “Destination” tracks are particularly different and will definitely bang heads during those darker hours.


Artist: Ant Brooks, Alberto Ruiz, Felix Krocher, Adriana Vega
Release Date:
Label: Groovant
Label:Catalog No: GRV035

Groovant – Destination

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Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor