Photo: David Pareja for Amnesia Ibiza

The opening parties in Ibiza are simply world renown – no two ways about it. As one of the oldest and most legendary clubs on the Island, Amnesia knows well how to dawn the season openers upon partygoers. From the dancers to the sound engineers and, of course, the DJ talent, the opening party is a massive undertaking planned and played out months before it actually comes to fruition.

This year, Amnesia boasted a newly remodeled main room, and combined with its always exciting and energy-filled terrace, the scene was set for an amazing 12-hour party that ran from midnight Sunday morning until the following afternoon. As with all Amnesia parties, the line up was full of talent and this year seemed unusually stacked, with the likes of Maceo Plex and David Squillace on the Terrace and Pan-Pot and Joseph Capritati in the Main Room.

We used a bit of strategy and didn’t show up until just before 5 am, so that we could take in all the top acts from start to finish. Although we unfortunately missed the Martinez Brothers, we were able to kick off our stay with the always fun and energetic Amnesia resident Mar-T. Making for a beautiful segue between the Martinez Brothers and into David Squillace’s punchy sunrise set, Mar-T is an undeniable musical force on the Island and always worth the early arrival for a sure shot wild time on the Terrace.

We pushed our way around the terrace balcony and over to the main room, just in time to to catch the last of Marcel Dettman before moving downstairs onto the dance floor to watch the German duo Pan-Pot. Unrelenting techno filled the room, with no opportunity to catch a breath. From start to finish, these guys proved why they are consistently booked for some of the biggest and best venues and parties on the planet.


Photo: David Pareja for Amnesia Ibiza

As we approached 7 am, we needed to refuel for next five hours of floor stomping house and techno. We headed outside to the hotdog stand on the smoking patio for one of “The BestHot Dogs On The Island.” As we sat outside and ate our dogs, Maceo Plex’s ‘Last Emperor’ came on over the speakers, and I quickly grabbed my friend and ran inside, thinking Maceo had taken the stage and that I had massively, and misfortunately, misread the schedule. It was a false alarm though, as Pan-Pot had switched up the mood.

Lighter, disco-infused house filled the room and we quickly jumped in to catch the last few minutes of their set.

After Pan-Pot finished up, we jogged over to the Terrace to catch David Squillace. The room was absolutely rocking and the vibe, sound, and atmosphere with the natural morning light shining through the air was simply perfect. I couldn’t move away from the Terrace floor. David Squillace’s wowed everyone with his pounding house, and there was not a person in the room standing still or without a smile on their face.

Photo: David Pareja for Amnesia Ibiza

Next up was Maceo Plex, who Squillace set up perfectly. We all know Maceo Plex as a more disco infused and soulful type of producer, but taking a page out of David Squillace’s book he came right out of the gates with an absolute monster sound that was unique to anything I have seen out of him recently. He was spot on. Start to finish it hit you from all sides and had the terrace floor packed right up until the music was cut just after 12 noon.

There is not much that needs to be said about Amnesia or any of the aforementioned artists ability to throw an amazing party but I would highly recommend making it out to the White Island this year and partaking in one. You will not go home unsatisfied.