[New Release] With the approach of Burning Man, what an appropriate title for this latest by Ali Love.  The British vocalist/producer/songwriter has been making waves in the underground dance music scene in the last couple years, although has already had a longstanding career as a popular vocalist and has worked on projects with artists such as The Chemical Brothers.


The first track, “Playa,” is a heavy hitting track that features all the sounds of a hollow, desert landscape.  The vocal that hypnotically chants about “dancin’ on the playa” and the hard and heavy kick provide the momentum as accessory elements add to a particular light dreaminess. The next track, “Brigante’s Jungle” is extremely high energy track that frenzies and pulsates with shakers and Ali again lends his haunting, hypnotic voice to make this a late night dancing anthem.  The track’s unique and eclectic selection of elements make it a refreshingly new take on the rolling, bassy, deep house sound that has been so popular in the last couple years.  Seb Brigante offers a great remix to “Brigante’s Jungle” that round out the EP perfectly.  Brigante maintains the tracks original energy, but cuts up the vocals and adds new layers that make it a great compliment to Ali Love’s originals.

A lovely release from No. 19 and Ali Love, this EP is a great record for the looming transition into fall.