[Release]  Adana Twins have to be in the spotlight of every chart this year topping the poles for both Beatport and  Resident Advisor.  With their tracks gaining so much notoriety it’s no wonder Exploited is releasing a new remix package of their Everyday EP.  With remixes from Amine Edge & Dance, NTFO, Andre Crom, Martin Dawson, and La Fleur, this release is setting up to be another smashing success.

When Amine Edge & Dance are on the remix you know it’s going to be gangsta.  A slamming track with large synths and a heavy bass line make this remix of ‘Everyday’ a formidable one.  NTFO provides a stunningly dark and techy remix of ‘Strange.’  Ominous tones accompanied by eerie vibes make this a perfect late night track.  La Fleuf also delivers with a beautifully dark piano led version of ‘Strange.’  Andre Crom and Martin Dawson combine to bring us a pumped up banging remix of ‘Everyday.’  A total dance floor demolisher, expect to be hearing this one everywhere.

A great package of remixes provided by talented producers, Exploited does it again and continue their trend of releasing great music.


Artist:  Adana Twins
Title:  Everyday Remix EP
Label:  Exploited
Catalog No.:  EXPDIGITAL23

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