It’s been two years since Stefan Z last released on this label, but the three tracks he serves up prove the wait has been more than worth it.

The Berlin based Canadian is the boss of the Rhombus label and is a top electronic production talent. He makes his sounds stand out with slick vocals or moving melodic elements, most likely because of his formally trained piano and trumpet playing skills. He’s had support from the likes of Sasha, Solomun and Adriatique, and his label parties in Vancouver were key in developing the city’s underground scene.

The super title track goes first and is a freaky number with spacecraft circling the groove, building tension in the melodic riffs and futurism in the drums. It’s a dramatic track with heavy, lumpy kicks and one to jolt the floor into action.

‘Borni’ is another long and involving tune, this time with more mystery and suspense in the way it builds. The drums get you marching as synths and ghoulish motifs pan about to creepy effect. It’s a real set building track that keeps you on edge.

Lastly, ‘Cipe’ is the toughest of the lot, with stiff hits and withering cosmic chords speaking of an intergalactic war. Underpinned by warm bass, it’s a widescreen cinematic affair with real beauty in the pads that eventually take over the show.

All three tracks here are mini epics that really take you on a trip.

Stefan Z – AcdTst (Original Mix) [My Favorite Robot Records]

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Artist: Stefan Z
Title: AcdTst EP
Label: My Favorite Robot Records
Release: 2017-11-10


– jams
Jimbo James