Little Helpers is a concept label run by Andrew Rasse (Butane) and Sean O’ Neal (Someone Else). The label is focused on digital only, minimal techno releases that can both be used as pieces in a mix (looping, layering) or standalone as full tracks. The results are always high quality and enticing to the ear.

The duo 12 Tones from Greece have been releasing music since 2008 and are featured on “Little Helpers- 244”. They provide 6 moody, bouncy, minimal tracks filled with dark vocal samples and seriously grooving percussion. Each of the 6 tracks which are titled by numbers 1-6, have a hypnotizing ambiance combined with vicious rhythms that are irresistible to anyone trying to dance.

12 Tones have delivered another solid EP on a label that is renowned for delivering innovative dance music.


Artist: 12 Tones
Release Date: 2016-09-12
Label: Little Helpers

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– vaz
John Vaz de Medeiros
Contributing Writer