[New Release]  It’s been a good year for Zee&Eli and it seems as if things are only going to get better.  Newly formed label Louder Music obviously know the talent these two posses and were smart to sign the duo up for their fourth release.  In addition they call to the likes of the The Midnight Perverts and Damian Uzabiaga, both whom deliver with excellent remixes.

The title track, ‘Let It Feel,’ is a dance floor jam, and boasts a captivating melody and sweet drum patterns.  The Midnight Perverts deliver with their darker and deeper remix, marked by a thumping bass which emits haunting vibes.  Damian Uzabiaga teams up with Guillermo Mendoza to create a laid back version with lots of funk and groove.  The final track, ‘I Don’t Like,’ is another monster of a jam with its pumping bassline, perilous vibes and permeating vocals.

Overall this a quality release from start to finish.  Louder Music is definitely making a name for themselves and are doing so by releasing to notch music from top notch rising stars.  All around this record is great and I really look forward to what they will be releasing in the future.


Artist:  Zee & Eli

Title:  Let It Feel EP

Label:  Louder Music

Catalog No.:  LM004

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