Wild & Kins are following their passion for producing and playing out tasty electronic music since 2009. Nicolas & Christian out of Montabaur in Germany are connecting groovy house sounds to a crispy kicking bassline, combined with harmonic melodies and colorful percussions.

They spreaded sweed sounds over the years at locations and festivals around the globe and they released their tracks and remixes on labels like Formatik Records, Bad Barbie Records (USA), Triplepoint and Italo Business. Now their debut album is coming up and we talked to the two artists.

Nice to meet you! How are things?

Everything’s going well at the moment. The first singles of our album has been well received and we are looking forward to the complete release of the album on 7th of October 2022.

What’s the story behind your project? How long have you been producing music together for?

We have been playing and producing music for about 12 years now. As we started making music together back in 2010, we quickly created our “brand” Sweed Music. We wanted it to be our future label, so the goal was to increase the productions to our desired level.

While being in lockdown during corona, we finally had the time and sound material to launch our record label. Also, the album possible offers the chance to attract more attention to our previous work as producers.

What does your production setup look like? Any favourite pieces of hardware you use?

We both got our little home studios with some hardware and a lot of software. We like to get together at one place, when time allows, to produce tracks and have a good time. While the pandemic slowed down the world, we tried to use Splice app for collaborating our productions.

In each studio we use Ableton as DAW with some hardware like the Moog Grandmother, Dave Smith’s Prophet Rev 8, some Roland Boutique stuff or other things.

We really enjoy jamming around with the Behringer clone of the famous 808 Drum Maschine and some effects.

What artists inspire you both and the sound you are creating?

When we think of our beginnings, there were many talented producers like Format:B , Super Flu or Hanne & Lore, who influenced us in our vision of making music. Because the music industry is constantly changing, there are hundreds of artists we could name by now. We think the most influential producers, who inspire us at the moment, come from the Netherlands and the UK.

There is an album in the pipeline – what ideas and inspiration are hidden in it?

The idea behind the album is to build an atmospheric and versatile overall picture from our range of tracks. It should create an interesting mood and reflect a little insight into our versatility.

The creative process of album production is not always easy – how do you deal with creative lows?

To deal with creative lows we use small breaks playing a match of UFC or FIFA on the Playstation. Often a little drink works wonders 😀 But in general we are not trying to force creativity out of ourselves. If the work does not flow, we try another project, which maybe is more fitting for the actual mood.

What inspires you most in your collaboration as DJs in the booth?

As we playing kind of back to back live, we push each other when playing out new bangers or our own new unreleased tracks in front of people.

The other half has to react and try to keep up the vibe the other one trys to create. Often this brings out a nice musical structure and motive to our sets.

What else do you have on the road map?

Instantly after the full Album is available on all platforms there will be a Remix EP with artists like Italo Bros, Ale Castro and Dompe, that also is going to be released on our label. After this, the next EPs are allready in the pipeline. We can’t wait to show you guys our new projects.