Hailing from the So-Cal gem of San Diego, CA – Mitch Dodge has found himself dead center in the melting pot of what we like to call the Electronic Music scene. Our story begins at the age of 14, Mitch’s parents introduced him to music, his love spans from various genres and eras as early as 60’s Rock and Funk, to 80’s Electronic and 90’s Hip-Hop, he instantly developed a love and obsession for music. Fast forward to 2020, Mitch has been at the forefront of Tech House and House music. With his rst major 3 track EP on Audiophile Deep and his Sophomore EP release as a collaborative effort with his label mate Porky on Desert Hearts Records, Mitch is making sure his sound is heard far throughout the airwaves. Other major labels Mitch has released on include Snoe, Psycho Disco, Holy Molé and a release on Lapsus Records with the rst ocial Frequency Clash single, an evolving label and project with music partners Lee Reynolds, Memo Rex and Susio. At such a pivotal moment in the music-verse, the future is looking bright for Mitch Dodge as he continues to gain major artist support with original productions, and continues to build a reputation as a prolific DJ and producer.




– jams
Jimbo James