Behold the TRBxM – the definitive reference in turntable vibration isolation. The first in a series of innovative products from TPI and MasterSounds, designed to offer a no-compromise turntable isolation solution, using our TRB – Total Resonance Blocking technology.

TRBxM has been developed with leading vibroacoustic engineers. It is manufactured in England, to military specifications, by TPI Aerospace with the upmost precision, care and attention to detail.

The absorbing elements of TRBxM have been produced to exacting custom-specifications, by our partners in Japan and Switzerland. The loaded-mass* is optimised to remove unwanted interference from 1Hz through to 450Hz, at amplitudes commonly encountered within live performance environments.

Simply place the TRBxM on a level sprung or un-sprung surface, place your chosen turntable atop, and enjoy reproduction free from unwanted artefacts. Sturdy, ergonomic handles enable easy positioning with a turntable in situ.

The TRBxM has feet pockets positioned for the industry-standard Technics SL range of turntables, be it the legendary SL-1200/1210MK2, through to the current SL-1200GR/GAE.   Additionally, we offer an optional interface kit to allow use with other brands of turntable and vibration sensitive equipment.**

The TRBxM’s precision construction is designed to withstand the rigors of life on the road, and yet be simple to use and highly effective in real world situations.


TRBxM Size – 492mm X 393mm X 66mm (L-W-H)

Weight – 8kgs

Boxed Size – 630 X 495 X 160 (mm)

Shipped Weight – 9.4kgs