[Release]  Tough Love may be new to the scene, but are definitely making a big impact out of the gates.  Already being released on labels such as Love Not Money and Sleazy Deep, we get their next release on Dialtone Records.  A label better know for releasing tech house, they recently have decided to come over to the deep and dark side as many labels have done.  In addition, they sign on rising superstars Him_Self_Her who have been on a rampage lately releasing hit after hit.

‘You’ve Been Cheating’ is a bass heavy sensually beaut with high energy and sexy vocals. This jam is a real mover on the dance floor.  Him_Self_Her have been relentless with their quality productions, and this remix is no exception. They take a lighter approach to the track which makes it very inviting with its injecting bass line and groovy melody.  Tough Love team up with JR to bring us ‘Know The Game,’  a deep jam with sleek vibes and a chic melody.

Dialtone Records definitely hit the nail on the head with this record. This is an excellent three tracker that you should add to your collection.


Artist:  Tough Love
Title:  Telling Me Lies
Label:  Dialtone Records
Catalog No.:  DT078

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