Following the success of their Time Therapy EP on notorious Vatos Locos label back in May,  Perma and Du took some time out with us to pick out some of their favourite gear which they believe are absolute studio essentials.


Maschine is the heart and soul of sampling magic in our set up, it has been in our arsenal since the very beginning. Its use in our workflow has changed in time, but is now the primary place for sample sequencing, drum one shots and our small list of go-to sample libraries that we’ve collected over the years. A few groups are used, all being routed and tracked into Ableton when we jam. Maschine has limitless uses, what works best for us is to keep it relatively simple – only choosing a couple of key elements to be able to control and manipulate during a jam. Its lock function works great for fucking shit up when you want to, and always safe to bounce back to ground zero.



This little legend is a super tool, 8 track sampler that can be basic and easy – or you can go hectic and enter another world with crazy new possibilities. Elektron machines have a really smart architecture that allows you to quickly craft new ideas on the fly, adding randomness to sequencing in a really cool way. This little beast is versatile and can be loaded up with all kinds of samples to jam and have fun with. Highly recommended.



Where do we start? This analogue drum machine has a huge fat and warm sound and for us, it was always a dream to add to our setup. It’s old school in ways of programming, has a super tight groove and big sound. The kick almost blew the speaker cone into Dennis’ forehead a couple’a times already.



Jumping into the modular world is often a case where people tell you not to do it, don’t waste your money etc etc – for us, as long as your direction is clear with it, the wealth of possibilities are absolutely endless. You could build your dream drum machine, a complex polyphonic synth or anything you can think of, it’s all out there. But for us, we use it as a dedicated FX unit, almost like a plugin in Ableton, to send whatever we want into space and back.

If you want a modular case built for you, ask Niall.


We bought the Moog while we were both living in Australia and it has travelled with us ever since. It does its name justice and we usually sequence it via Ableton using Alexkid 510k Max 4 Life plugins. Over time it has become the backbone for our basslines and synth progressions, evolving into a special piece of gear that we are both very fond of.

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