The next installment of Culprit @ Prototype series is a special night of Live electronic music – and a real labor or love. We have a pleasure of presenting two incredible Live projects from the creative mind of Frank Wiedemann: Âme and Howling.

Frank is best known as one half (along with Kristian Beyer) of the now-legendary Âme project. Together with Dixon, Âme are the founders and the main driving force behind the Innervisions label, whose brand of sophisticated and emotionally engaging house music has been sweeping everything in its path for the last decade.

As producers, Âme are responsible for some of the most memorable songs and remixes in the modern dance music cannon: the classic deep house of “Mifune,” epic electronic sweep of “Rej,” driving energy of “Where We At” (with Dixon & Henrik Schwarz), the emotional charge of “Howling.”

It was “Howling” that eventually spawned the exciting band project of the same name, that combined Frank Wiedemann’s production with Ry X’s stunning vocals. The collaboration yielded 3 more anthemic singles and, now, a full length LP “Sacred Ground.” With a full-time percussionist on board, vocals and guitar work by Ry, live sequencing and synth work by Frank – Howling is a proper electronic band embarking on its first world-wide tour and we are proud to present its only West Coast date.

Bookending the live portion of the night are openers Plastic Love and closers Droog.



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