Teddy Wong takes charge with his second outing on Hot Creations with ‘Mueve Los Dos Pies’.

Hailing from Los Angeles and shaped by the vibrant sounds of Mexicali, Teddy Wong has been impressing over recent years, with his productions earning recognition from BBC Radio 1’s Danny Howard and Annie Mac. After a successful label debut last year in collaboration with Andre Salmon and Jorge Andrade, November now welcomes a second outing on Jamie Jones and Lee Foss’ Hot Creations for Wong, as he takes full control with his three-track EP, ‘Mueve Los Dos Pies’.

“Having a second release on Hot Creations is beyond what I could have imagined. This EP is all about embracing the energy and the movement of your body when you listen to music.

‘Mueve Los Dos Pies’ is about dancing the night away, and not to caring about what other people think. It’s about freedom and happiness. ‘The Man Who Traveled in Time’ is about a dream that I had. I was walking with another artist at a festival and he heard someone playing one of his songs, but when he went to see who was playing the track he was shocked because it was a younger version of himself. For ‘Believe in yourself’, I wanted to create a simple song that would make you groove without thinking too much. I found the vocal and felt that it was perfect.” – Teddy Wong

The title track ‘Mueve Los Dos Pies’ seamlessly blends energetic, rave-ready beats with a low slung arrangements, followed by ‘The Man Who Travelled In Time’ which heads into late-night territories with sonic stabs and alluring echoes for a hypnotic trip. Closing out the EP is ‘Believe In Yourself’, combining playful vocal loops and vibrant percussion over a funky bassline.

Teddy Wong ‘Mueve Los Dos Pies’ drops via Hot Creations on 10th November 2023.




Artist: Teddy Wong
Title: Mueve Los Dos Pies EP
Label: Hot Creations
Release Date: 2023-11-10




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor