A wealth of label favourites and rising talents come together to deliver the goods on the latest instalment of Swerve Digital’s renowned VA series – Genesis-7.

Jesse Jacob’s L’Albatros kicks things off with a swinging groove, light pads and funky synth lines, All brought nicely together by a nonchalant vocal topline and analogue sequencing.Cosenza’s Gentle Width is a firm, upfront number. Sporting scattered percs and punchy drum work, its driving progressive layers keep a pleasantly raw ebb and flow throughout.

No Control sees Tapesh and Kreech take it deep and groovy with a funky feel. A sensual female vocal bounces off its various melodic factors and popping rhythm to create a soulfully swinging dance floor heater. Label boss Lee Pearce’s Pakwan packs a prominent punch from the outset. Uptempo and driving at its core, the ripple of synths and subtle vocal injections keep you in orbit throughout the track.

This Side Up features the undeniably robust signature of Coral O’Connor. Thumping drums and endless layers of complimenting pads, strings, synths – and then some! Tommaso Pizzelli finishes strong with the sensual Laser Scream. Emotive melodies, intertwined with the shuck and jive of skipping percs and drums, dusted off with a hypnotic vocal.

Genesis-7 by Jesse Jacob, Cosenza, Tapesh & Kreech, Lee Pearce, Coral O’Connor and Tommaso Pizzelli, proudly presented by Swerve Digital.




Artist: Various Artists
Title: Genesis 7 VA
Label: Swerve Digital
Release Date: 2021-05-28




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor