We are so pleased to celebrate the first release from California born and bred Touch Of Class records.  Their collaborative Dirty Hands EP exhibits the quality of an imprint with the potential to influence the West Coast dance music culture for years to come. Founded by DJ duo and production outfit Signal Flow, Ray Zuniga and Pillowtalk member Michael Tello seek to integrate “the distinctive deep-house, indie dance and raw-techno textures” that have inspired the multi-faceted musical scenes of both Los Angeles and San Francisco.


Zuniga and Tello enlist the help of Puerto Rican producer and label mate Jonny Cruz and two of house music’s favorite flow artists, Aquarius Heaven and Navid Izadi, to bring this EP to a higher state of musical elation.


Title track “Dirty Hands” is minimally yet effectively percussive, giving it steady, sensual vibrations as Aquarius Heaven lures you in with his reggae-tinged strut.  “Drug Lips” comes in three forms, the original encompassing the kind of depth you yearn for-that meditative, entrancing depth that shuts your eyes and inspires movement from your soul. Navid Izadi’s “40oz of Acid” remix brightens up with twinkling chimes, varied acidic synths and bold vocals while still retaining the sense of mystique grasped by the original.


We have high hopes for Touch of Class as well as the Signal Flow duo, and look forward to the musical boundaries we predict they will push in the future.



Artist: Signal Flow, Jonny Cruz, Aquarius Heaven, Navid Izadi
Title: Dirty Hands EP
Release Date: September 9th, 2013
Catalog #: TOCR001