Hailing from Scotland, Loingsigh is a genuinely unique producer releasing original and memorable music that mesmerizes and moves in equal measure, you may know them from the hugely popular sample company Mind Flux that regular work with the likes of Ableton, Roland and Native Instruments.

Fusing expansive cinematic soundscapes with minimal beats, driving basslines, epic leads, and complex rhythms, Loingsigh draws inspiration from an array of sources – from the far reaches of space via his love of sci-fi through to first-hand expeditions deep in the Scottish Wilderness.

Loingsigh returns to bring us some more otherworldly vibes, this time of the intricately crafted cosmic variety.

The mesmerizing, shapeshifting interstellar pad intro morphs into a beautifully controlled and ever-growling bass synth to transport us into deep space on an adrenaline-packed mission through an aural asteroid field.

The expansive, almost synthwave-esque soundscapes are interspersed with delicate but pulsating percussive hits and stuttering sonic glitches to take us even further afield into a glittering starfield breakdown.

As we emerge the other side unscathed and uplifted, the growly synth bass returns to carry us home, with detours at the planets of dubby techno and breaks along the way.

An epic voyage that leaves you breathless and spaced out but very much feeling at home with this talented artist.

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